How can I get to Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center (RFECC)?

Take your pick from a variety of transportation options that best suit your needs. We’ve prepared all the information for you HERE.

Is free parking provided at RFECC?

Yes, there are more than 5,500 free parking spots available, including accessible parking close to the entry points. There is also additional parking, making more than 7,500 parking spaces available at the venue.

Is there valet parking at RFECC?

Yes, this service is provided at organizer request.

Is there a Lost & Found at RFECC?

Yes, Communicate with event organizer.

Are there ATM machines at the venue?

Yes, the number of ATMs changes based on events requirements.

Where is the First Aid point?

At the main entrance.

Can I smoke at RFECC?

Smoking is prohibited indoors. There are designated smoking areas outside the building.

Is there a supermarket close to the venue?

In addition to the vending machines inside, there is also a mall and gas station within walking distance.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Please check our SHOWCASE page to find information about specific events.

I am interested in organising an event, where can I find more information?

Let’s get started HERE.